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Discover new ways to interact thanks to esports and Web3. We work with you, step by step, throughout this exciting area to enhance everything that makes your organization unique.

We look into the future to create today. The digital world is rapidly moving forward. We accompany you through the journey.


The digital world is constantly changing and so is the way we communicate and develop our projects. From our consultancy we can help you maintain up-to-date communication, pending of the latest trends in your field of action, be it Artificial Intelligence, video games or blockchain.

What kind of projects can we explore and develop with you?

Electronic sports (esports)

Web3 (blockchain & esports)

Can we develop other kind of projects?

Of course! Our specialty is developing projects in the digital field. Forward us any concerns or proposals and we will study them to accomodate them.

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Do you know Bono Cultural Joven 2022?

We help you apply it in esports!


Esports and Web3 are in full swing. This allows, through new projects, to quickly position yourself and thus integrate your brand into the new digital trends. 

Once we have planned the project, we can either train your team or take care of developing your project. Thanks to our different work areas, we can carry out the entire process for you, from the idea to creation and communication.

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What is one of our distinguishing features? At eDojo we are always in constant learning. We dedicate part of our resources to the research and development of new methodologies and tools. 

Esports Lab

Esports Lab is a research project created by eDojo. Led together with Eurecat and coordinated through INDESCAT with other companies in the esports sector.

Our purpose is to provide truthfulness to our training proposal. Likewise, it allows us to reaffirm the presence of eDojo within the international academic field.

Actual project

Companies that carry out the research