eRengo | Communication and Fan Engagement

Discover new ways to communicate to your public. Create new branding tools to improve your fan engagement. Make the experience fun and memorable.

We turn the passion of your projects into emotions for your public.
Make your public part of it too.

Communication | Web & Social Media

eRengo is the section from which we devise and develop the all projects' communication. We take care of copywriting the publications, posts, and the realization of campaigns. We think about the necessary communication strategies with you, in order to publicize your project. We focus on the area specific to your product, learn its communication manners, and ways in which your public interacts, so we can work with any profile.


Motion Design Projects

Are you an Influencer and need administrative advice?

With our partner system you can also sell our services.

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Fan Engagement | Influencers & Campaigns

In addition to communicating, we create an emotional bond between your brand and its public. 

Thanks to the work we do with our partners, we can put your brand in touch with influencers (or viceversa). We strengthen the value of each brand through the appreciation and affection that the public has towards their favorite figures.

We develop campaigns and strategies with high emotional value to connect with your public through actions and influencers.


VFX Projects

VTubers | Virtual Avatars

Virtual avatars or VTubers are growingly present and many content creators bear them in mind for their live shows or videos. But we don't have to stop there: there are already brands, singers and TV channels that use virtual avatars for their own promotion, and we shouldn't trail behind.

Youtubers & Streamers

In addition of making an avatar for each vTuber, we can train you in their use, either an Influencer at your company or a technician from our team can bring your virtual character to life.


Avatars & vTubers