eShodo | Electronic Art and Digital Design

We compose digital experiences with imagination. We shape your projects in the digital world so that your public can discover new ways to get moved.

The muses of your project move our hands on the digital canvas.

Motion Design

At eShodo we transform graphic creativities giving them life through motion graphics, from posters to animated overlays for your social media.

We make audiovisual productions for presentations and entertainment. In streaming or post-produced. 


Motion Design Projects

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Virtual environments take us into the future. We can create virtual interactive environments in AR/VR or stagecrafts for audiovisual productions.

Thanks to the incorporation of blockchain technology to our study, the possibilities have increased. Now we can create applications for the metaverse, avatars or NFTs.


VFX Projects


Gamification is a source of learning that, thanks to fun, has a great capacity to attract and motivate the public. Video games are the clear representation of gamified virtual experiences. 

In addition to creating video games as a product, we also create advergames, games designed as branding actions, capable of transmitting brand value.

Interactive Novels or Visual Novels

One of our strengths in videogame development is the category of Visual Novels. Do you know the "choose your own adventure" books? Well, this is its representation in a videogame.

This narrative format allows explaining a story to facilitate learning and, at the same time, test what has been learned. Can you imagine a game that at the end you have learned the content of an occupational risk manual and performed a test to check if you had understood it?