Beyond reality

Technology brings us new experiences that previously could only be imagined or found in science fiction. Thanks to continuous learning and experience, today we can walk you through them. 


Hasta 12.000€ para digitalizar tu negocio.

Electronic Dojo SL is an IT consultancy specialized in esports and Web3 (blockchain & metaverse). Our passion for technology and innovation has led us to explore and develop strategies and tools to walk towards the future in a social and ethical way.

Our project has three main pillars, three sections: solutions (eDojo), design (eShodo) and communication (eRengo).


eDojo | Esports and Web3 solutions

This section focuses on the ideation, planning and execution of esports and Web3 projects, both for public and private entities. We accompany you throughout the entire process and bring you closer to new technological trends.

Our Unique Bullet Points include the development of our own training plan based on European standards, and a line of research that validates our project.

eDojo projects

eShodo | Motion Graphics and VFX

eShodo is our art and design section. An internal studio capable of developing digital projects and creating incredible virtual experiences.

A través de nuestro amor por la tecnología estamos en constante aprendizaje y evolución. Te acercamos el mundo virtual y la tecnología para que forme parte de tus proyectos.

eShodo projects

eRengo | Communication & Fan engagement

Content creation and community management through brand ambassadors and/or community managers.

We guide our clients and advise them to carry out campaigns and stimulate engagement to create or strengthen their communities.

In addition to our consulting function, we have a team of professionals with extensive experience in communication, capable of achieving the objectives established during the definition of your project.

Our three key points are: planning, community development, and virtual influencers.

Proyectos eRengo